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Welcome to the website of  Prof. Tao Li's research page!
We hope that you can take this chance to look around and find something interesting and informative.

Our research is dedicated to exploit new optical phenomena and the underlying physics in micro/nanoscale from viewpoints of classical and quantum, where the plasmonics and metamaterials are mainly concerned. To keep pace with the ever increasing information processing, we are aiming to develop new types of the on-chip photonic integrations and disruptive optical devices.  

Notice:Our group welcome new members including Post-doctors, graduate and undergraduate students. Please contact us:

Prof. Tao LI (李涛), received his PhD degree in Physics in NJU, 2005. He joined CEAS of NJU in 2008, and was promoted to full professor in Dec. 2013. He was selected to "Dengfeng Talent Program B" of NJU in 2012, and won the "National Funds for Outstanding Young Scientists" and "K.C. Wong Education Foundation" in 2013, award "Person of Year 2017" by Scientific Chinese and "Young and middle-aged leading scientists, engineers and innovators" by MOST in 2018. Up to date, he has published more than 90 peer-reviewed journal papers (including Nature Nanotech., Nature Comm., Phys. Rev. Lett., Nano Lett., Light Sci. Appl., Laser Photon. Rev., etc), which received more than 3000 citations with a current H-index of 30 (Web of Science).

Recent News

[2020/7/6] Prof. Tao LI has been honored with the "VEBLEO SCIENTIST AWARD" and delivered Invited Talk entitled "Metasurface dispersion engineering and integrated metalens imaging" in the Webinar on Materials Science, Engineering and Technology held during 25 - 28 June 2021.

Vebleo Scientist Award is a tribute to the researchers / scientists who have contributed to the progress of humanity through their dedication to science. Serving as a source of inspiration, the awards help to raise the profile of talented scientists and in addition to the profession as a whole. This award is for outstanding researchers at a mid-stage in their career, who are leaders in their field and have a publication history of at least ten years. see more details in About Vebleo.

[2020/7/1] Our paper entitled "Bandpass-filter-integrated multiwavelength achromatic metalens" is published online in Photonics Research 9, 1384 (2021). Congs to Hanmeng and Xingjian!

[2020/6/29] Our paper entitled "Gauge-Induced Floquet Topological States in PhotonicWaveguides" is published online in Laser & Photonics Reviews 2000584 (2021). Congs to Wange!

[2020/6/26-29] Prof. Tao LI attended the The 5th A3 Metamaterials Symposium held in Nanjing, and presented an invited talk entitled "Metalens microscopy: from design to prototype".

[2020/6/18-20] 李涛老师参加在成都召开的2021集成光电子大会,并做邀请报告“硅波导阵列中光场调控与光子集成”.

[2020/6/15-18] Prof. Tao LI attended the AOMATT2021 (The 10th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies) held in Chengdu, and presented an invited talk entitled "Large-scale achromatic flat lens".

[2020/6/15] Our paper entitled "Floquet π mode engineering in non-Hermitian waveguide lattices" is published online in Physical Review Research 3, 023211 (2021). Congs to Shengjie and Wange!

[2020/6/3-5] 李涛老师参加在上海召开的第十六届全国激光技术与光电子学学术会议(LTO2021),并做邀请报告“基于超构表面的光场调控与集成成像”.

[2020/4/23-25] 李涛老师参加在成都召开的第二届全国光电子、光子材料与器件学术会议,并做邀请报告“基于超构表面的光场调控与集成成像”.

[2020/3/23] Our paper entitled "Efficient second harmonic generation in silicon covered lithium niobate waveguides" is published online in Chinese Optics Letters 19, 060004 (2021). Congratulations to Fang Bin!

[2020/2/4] Our paper entitled "Highly Efficient Metasurface Quarter-Wave Plate with Wave Front Engineering" is published online in Advanced Photonics Research 2, 2000154 (2021). Congratulations to Chenchen!

[2020/2/3] Our paper entitled "Metasurfaces with Planar Chiral Meta-Atoms for Spin Light Manipulation" is published online in Nano Lett. 21, 1815 (2021). Congratulations to Chenchen!
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[2020/12/5] 宋万鸽同学参加在江苏苏州召开的江苏省光学学会“第八届第六次理事会”及“2020年度学术年会”,并做题为"Photonic topological states: new physics and functionality"的海报展示。

[2020/11/30] Prof. Tao LI attended the AOPC 2020 (9th Applied Optics and Photonics China) held in Beijing, and presented an invited talk entitled "Manipulating topological optical mode for robust coupling and light propagation in Si waveguides".

[2020/11/15] 李涛教授受邀参加了在南方科技大学召开的“2020年超构材料前沿论坛”,并做邀请报告“消色差平面透镜的设计与分析”。

[2020/11/12] Our paper entitled "Metalens-integrated compact imaging devices for wide-field microscopy" is published online in Advanced Photonics 2, 066004 (2020). Congratulations to Beibei!
Highlight by SPIE News- "Ultracompact metalens microscopy breaks FOV constraints".
LaserFocusWorld- "Metalens enables mini microscopic imaging prototype".

李涛教授组织参加了在南京大学举办的“Light 2020 纳米光学青年论坛”,并做邀请报告“消色差平面透镜的设计与分析”。

[2020/10/30] 李涛教授参加浙江宁波召开的“全国电子信息青年科学家系列论坛暨第三届半导体青年学术会议”,并做题为"波导阵列中光场调控及光子集成"邀请报告

[2020/10/20] 祝贺宋万鸽同学荣获第六届“江苏省光学学会青年光学科技奖(高校学生)” !


[2020/09] 研究组的邀稿文章“宽带消色差平面透镜的设计与参量分析”发表在《红外与激光工程》49, 20201032, (2020)。祝贺肖行健!

[2020/09/25] 李涛教授应《中国激光杂志社》邀请,在“光学前沿在线:微纳光子学(2020)”做在线报告题为"波导阵列中光场调控及光子集成"

[2020/07/25] Prof. Tao Li presented an online open course entitled "From Superlens to Metalens (从超透镜到超构透镜)", organized by the Chinese Optical Society, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, et al. Link to the website of Open Resource (寇享).

[2020/7/24] 宋万鸽同学参加“2020年第四届五校研究生联合学术论坛”,做在线报告题为"波导阵列中拓扑零模的调控与应用"。

[2020/07/20] Prof. Tao Li presented an online seminar talk entitled "Superlens and Metalens" in Light online: Young Scientist Forum, organized by the Light academic publishing center of Changchun Institute of Optics and mechanics, et al.

[2020/07/20] Congratulations to Ms Beibei Xu (徐贝贝) for her successful defense of PhD degree.
Thesis: Study on metalens-integrated compact imaging device
博士论文题目 :超构透镜集成成像器件的研究

[2020/07/20] We are glade to invite Prof. Lei Shi (石磊) from Fudan University to visit our college and present a seminar talk entitled "Singular optics on photonic bands in momentum space: BICs,polarization singularities, and optical vortices". Many thanks to Prof. Shi.

[2020/07/14] Our paper entitled "Second-harmonic generation and manipulation in lithium niobate slab waveguides by grating metasurfaces" is published online in Photonics Research 8, 1296 (2020). Congratulations to Bin Fang!

[2020/06/19] 李涛教授应《中国激光杂志社》邀请,在“光学前沿在线:光学成像与显示会议(2020)”做在线报告题为"幻想照进现实:浅谈超透镜与超构透镜"

[2020/05/27] Our paper entitled "Phase transition of non-Hermitian topological edge states in microwave regime" is published online in Appl. Phys. Lett. 116, 211104 (2020). Congratulations to Qingqing and Wange!

[2020/05/27] Breakthrough! Our contributed work entitled "Stable, high-performance sodium-based plasmonic devices in the near infrared" is pulished online in Nature 581, 401 (2020). Great congratulations to Ji Chen, and to Prof. Jia Zhu, Dr. Lin Zhou, Prof. Renmin Ma.

[2020/05/16] Prof. Tao Li presented an online invited talk entitled "Compact Microscopy with Depth and Wide-field Metalens Imaging" in the Lighting the Blue (LtB) Forum | International Day of Light (IDL) celebrating, organized by Harbin Engineering University, China.

[2020/05/12] Our paper entitled "Subwavelength self-imaging in cascaded waveguide arrays" is published online in Advanced Photonics 2, 036001 (2020). Congratulations to Wange!
Highlight by SPIE News, "Waveguide array transports light without distortion".
(see pdf)
CPL WeChat: "完美成像?波导超透镜有望让梦想成真!"
NJU NewsCollege News: 密集波导阵列实现亚波长自成像

[2020/05/11] Our "News and Views" article entitled "New opportunities for metalenses in imaging applications" is published online!
see SCIENCE CHINA Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy 63, 284231 (2020).

[2020/04/01] Congratulations to Wange Song (宋万鸽) for winning 16th Wang Daheng optical Award for students (王大珩光学奖) !
see COS Anouncement, Lab News, College News.

[2020/01/15] Our paper entitled "Cavity-enhanced metallic metalens with improved Efficiency" is published online in Scientific Reports 10, 417 (2020). Congratulations to Hanmeng!

[2020/01/13] Our paper entitled "Robust and Broadband Optical Coupling by Topological Waveguide Arrays" is published online in Laser & Photonics Reviews 2019, 1900193. Congratulations to Wange!
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[2019/12/17-20] Prof. Tao Li attended the PIERS2019 held in Xiamen, organized the Session "Nanoplasmonics and Meta-optics" and presented an invited talk entitled "Integrated Metalens for Compact Imaging".

[2019/12/12-15] Prof. Tao Li attended the LDMO2019 held in Shenzhen, and presented an invited talk entitled "Aplanatic metalens for microscopic spectral tomography".

[2019/11/29-12/1] Prof. Tao Li attended the NJU-Wiley Joint Conference on Micrstructured Materials and Advanced Applications held in Nanjing, and presented an invited talk entitled "Modulation of Topological Zero Modes in Finite Non-Hermitian Optical Lattices".

[2019/11/06] Our paper entitled "Spectral tomographic imaging with aplanatic metalens”is published online in Light: Science & Applications 8, 99 (2019). Congratulations to Chen Chen!

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Prof. Tao Li attended the ACP 2019 held in Chengdu, and presented an invited talk entitled "Integrated metalens for impact imaging" in the workshop on Special Light Communications: Free-space, Visible, Underwater.

[2019/10/14] Our paper entitled "Breakup and recovery of topological zero modes in finite non-Hermitian optical lattices" is published online in Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 165701 (2019).
Editors' Suggestion: The introduction of non-Hermitian degeneracy through loss modulation in silicon waveguides makes it possible to observe the recovery of the exact-zero mode of optical topological edge states.
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[2019/09/10-11] Prof. Tao Li attended Cross-strait Symposium- the 5th Symposium on nanophotonics and plasmonics held in Nanjing, and presented an invited talk entitled "PT symmetry modulated zero modes in finite topological photonic lattice".

[2019/09/16-19] Prof. Tao Li attended the 13th International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena- Metamaterials 2019 held in Rome, Italy, and presented an invited talk entitled "Metalens Dispersion Engineering and Integrated Imaging Devices".

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