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Welcome to the website of  Prof. Tao Li's research page!
We hope that you can take this chance to look around and find something interesting and informative.

Our research is dedicated to exploit new optical phenomena and the underlying physics in micro/nanoscale from viewpoints of classical and quantum, where the surface plasmon is mainly concerned due to the strong field confinement and enhancement. To keep pace with the ever increasing information processing, we are also developing new type of ultra-compact plasmonic devices towards the on-chip nanophotonic integrations. 

Prof. Tao LI (李涛), received his PhD degree in Physics in NJU, 2005. He joined CEAS of NJU in 2008, and was promoted to full professor in Dec. 2013. He was selected to "Dengfeng Talent Program B" of NJU in 2012, and won the "National Funds for Outstanding Young Scientists" and "K.C. Wong Education Foundation" in 2013.  Up to date, he has published more than 80 peer-reviewed journal papers (including Nature Nanotech., Nature Comm., Phys. Rev. Lett., Nano Lett., Light Sci. Appl., Laser Photon. Rev., etc), which received more than 2100 citations with a current H-index of 26 (Web of Science).

Recent News

[2018/01/29] Our paper collaborated with Prof. D.P. Tsai group is published in Nature Nanotechnology 13, 227 (2018) ( Congs to Shuming and Pin-Chieh!
It is highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology in "News & Views", and Science Bulletine

[2017/12/20] Prof. Tao LI was interviewed by "Scientific Chinese". 李涛教授受《科学中国人》专访报道——“李涛:微纳光学世界的探路人

[2017/12/15] 我们组的研究快讯“超构光子技术新突破——实现超薄宽带消色差光学器件”发表于《物理》DOI:10.7693/wl20171207

[2017/12/8] Ms Danqing Wang from Northwestern Univ., our previous student, visited our group, and delivered an seminar talk "Structure Engineering in Plasmon Nanolasers".

[2017/11/24-25] Prof. Tao Li and Dr. Shuming Wang attend the "第九届全国光学青年学术论坛" held in Fuzhou. Tao LI delivered an invited talk "超构表面光子技术新进展"。

[2017/11/18-23] Prof. Tao LI, Dr. Shuming Wang, Ji Chen, Beibei Xu and Wange Song attended the PIERS 2017 in Singapore, and made presentations.
Prof. Tao LI, invited talks "Multiplexed Holography by Scattering of Surface Plasmons and Guided Modes" and "Enhanced Graphene-plasmon Interaction in Groovestructured Metasurface for Optical Modulator".
Dr. Shuming Wang, keynote talk "Light Manipulation with Plasmonic Metasurfaces and Meta-devices".
Ji Chen, invited talk "An Alignment-free Plasmonic Demultiplexer for Orbital Angular Momentum Beam".
Beibei Xu, invited talk "Manipulating Coupling Coefficients and Simulating Massless Dirac Fermion in Plasmonic Waveguide Array".
Wange Song, oral presentation "Parity-time-symmetric Topological Photonics".

[2017/10/16-18] Prof. Tao LI, Hanmeng Li, Chen Chen attended “微纳光学技术与应用交流会" held in Suzhou. Prof. Tao Li presented an invited talk "超构表面光子技术新进展". Chen Chen made a Poster "基于超构表面的宽带超色差调控"。

[2017/09/18-21] Prof. Tao LI attended the MetaNano2017 held in Vladivostok, Russia, and presented an invited talk "Broadband Achromatic Metasurfaces and Multiplexed Plasmonic Holography".

[2017/08/04] Our work collaborated with Prof. Dinping Tsai from RCAS is published as "Broadband achromatic optical metasurface devices" in  Nature Communications 8, 187 (2017). Congs to Shuming and Pin-Chieh!
DeepTech, NJU News, 《材料牛

[2017/07/25-28] Prof. Tao LI attended the Meta 2017 held in Incheon, Korea, and presented an invited talk "Graphene based plasmonic modulator".

[2017/07/06] Our paper entitled "Multiplexed Holograms by Surface Plasmon Propagation and Polarized Scattering" by Ji Chen, et al., is published online in Nano Lett. DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b02295. Congs to Ji.
NJU News, 《材料牛

[2017/06/25-28] Prof. Tao Li was invited to A3-Metamaterials 2017 held in Fudan University, Shanghai, and gave an invited talk entitled "Broadband achromatic metasurface".

[2017/06] Congratulations! The PhD thesis by our former student Lin Li (李林) was selected as the "Outstanding PhD Research Theses" and recently published by Springer! The thesis title is "Manipulation of Near field Propagation and Far Field Radiation of Surface Plasmon Polariton".

[2017/06/15-20] Prof. Guixin Li from Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) visited our group and delivered two invited talks "Optical metasurface and spin angular momentum of photon", "Optical metasurfaces".

[2017/06/16] Prof. Cheng Sun from Northwestern University was invited to give a seminar talk "Transparent Broadband Ultrasonic Detector for Functional Photoacoustic Imaging".

[2017/06/15] Our paper entitled "Graphene-based plasmonic modulator on a groove-structured metasurface" by Yulin Wang, et al., is published in Opt. Lett. 42(12), 2247 (2017). Congs to Yulin.

[2017/05/26-29] Prof. Tao Li was invited to 4th Cross Strait Symposium on Nanophotonics and Plasmonics held in Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan, and presented a talk entitled "Plasmonic holography and broadband achromatic metalens".

[2017/05/22-26] Prof. Tao Li, Dr. Shuming Wang, Ji Chen, Wange Song and Chen Chen attended The 8th International Conference on Surface Plasmon Photonics (SPP8) held in Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.
Prof. Tao Li delivered an invited talk entitled "Plasmonic holography from in-plane to out-of-plane".
Ji Chen gave an oral presentation entitled "Plasmonic holograms by polarized scattering of propagating surface plasmon wave", which won the "Outstanding Student Paper Award". Congs to Ji.
Wange Song provided a Poster entitled "Role of coupling coefficient in lossy waveguide arrays".

[2017/05/18] Congratulations to Ms Yulin Wang for her successful defense of PhD degree.
Thesis: Interference of Surface Plasmon Polaritons and Photonic Integrated Devices

Congratulations to Ms Beibei Xu for her successful defense of Master degree.
Thesis: Study on optical field manipulation and super-resolution imaging in waveguide arrays

[2017/05/03] Our review article entitled "Manipulating Surface Plasmon Propagation: From Beam Modulation to Near-Field Holography" is published online in Laser & Optoelectronics Progress 54, 050002 (2017).

[2017/04/27-30] Prof. Tao Li, Dr. Shuming Wang, Yulin Wang, and Beibei Xu, attended the International Symposium on Plasmonics and Nanophotonics (iSPN) held in Dalian. Prof. Tao Li delivered an invited talk entitled "Imperfect phase matching for beam engineering and OAM demultiplexing". Yulin gave a contributed presentation entitled "Graphene Optical Modulator Based on Groove-Structured Metasurfaces". Beibei provided a Poster entitled "Simulation of Massless Dirac Fermion in Plasmonic waveguide arrays", which was awaded the FIRST PLACE of the "Best Student Paper Contest". Congs to Beibei.

[2017/04/25-27] Prof. Tao Li was invited to visit Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) by Prof. Guixin Li, and delivered a seminar talk entitled "New approaches of achromatic metasurface and mulitplexed SPP holograms".

[2017/04/23-26] Wange Song attend the AOM2017 held in Nanjing, and gave an oral presentation entitled "Pseudo Parity–Time Symmetry in Non-Hermitian Optical Lattices".

[2017/03/13-15] Prof. Tao LI was invited to attend the 12th Laser Technology and Optoelectronics (LTO2017) held in Shanghai, and delivered an invited talk entitled "Nondiffracting Beam Engineering based on Artificial Micro/nano Structures". 

[2017/03] Congratulations! Our former Phd student Q.Q. Cheng won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award Nomination in Optics.

[2017/01/25] Our paper entitled "Tunable unidirectional surface plasmon polariton launcher utilizing a graphene-based single asymmetric nanoantenna" by Lei Huang is published in Opt. Mater. Express 7, 569 (2017).

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