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Professor at School of Physics, Nanjing University
Associate director of National Key Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures
New Century Excellent Talents of the Department of Education
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348 Room, Physics Building, Nanjing University, 22 Hankou Road, Nanjing 210093 



2004-2005: Postdoc, University of California at Berkeley (USA)
1997-2003: Ph.D Physics,  Nanjing University (China)
1993-1997: B.S.  Physics, Wuhan University (China)

Studying experience

2006-present: Professor, Nanjing University (China)
2009: Visiting Scholar, Hongkong University of Science and Technology (HK)
2008: Visiting Scholar
, Stuttgart University (Germany)

Research interest

Metamateirals, Plasmonics, Photonics Crystals,
Microcavities, Dielectric waveguides, Optic fibers


"Nanophotonics"  for senior undergraduate students and graduate students 

  1. NSFC: 11374151
    Manipulation of emission of quantum dots in metal/dielectric multilayer chiral metamaterials

  2. the doctoral program(20120091140005)
    Enhancement of polarizabilities of small particles due to particle-substrate resonances

  3. NSFC: 11074119
    Study on magnetic plasmon polariton in chiral fishnet structure and optical activity

  4. NCET-10-0480
    the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University

  5. National Key Projects for Basic Researches of China (973):2010CB630703
    Novel effect and new devices based on microstructural opto-electric functional materials

  6. NSFC:60990320
    The study of theory and application technology of metamaterials

  7. NSFC:10874081
    Near-field Optical Properties of Magnetic Plasmon Polariton in Split-hole Structures

  8. NSFC:10604029
    Enhanced Raman Scattering Effect by Magnetic Plasmon Polariton in Visible and Infrared Range


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