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Coupled Plasmon
& Metamaterials

Lagrange model of
Coupled Plasmon & Metamaterial

coupled_plasmon lagrange

Plasmon Molecule


Plasmon Chain

Our review papers about coupled metamaterials

Coupled magnetic resonator optical waveguides
Hui Liu and Shining Zhu
Laser Photonics Rev.7,882 (2013)

Coupled magnetic plasmons in metamaterials
H. Liu, Y. M. Liu, T. Li, S. M. Wang, S. N. Zhu, and X. Zhang
Phys. Status Solidi B 246, 1397 (2009) (Review Paper)

Hybridization effect in coupled metamaterials
H. Liu, T. Li, S. M. Wang, and S. N. Zhu
Front. Phys. China (review paper) 5, 277 (2010)

Magnetic Plasmon Modes Introduced by the Coupling Effect in Metamaterials
H. Liu, Y. M. Liu, T. Li, S. M. Wang, S. N. Zhu and X. Zhang
Chaper 11 in Book: “Metamaterials Theory, Design and Applications” (pp. 247-269)


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